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Celebrity hair Extension Fashion Trends


Celebrity Hair Styles of 2010

If you watch television and the latest news about celebrities, you are sure to find that the hairstyle trends as well as color choices change continually. In 2010, one of the colors that was popular among women was grey, which of course, for women has been something they have shunned for years because they wanted nothing to do with aging. However, in 2010, some celebrities have either dyed their hair grey such as Kelly Osbourne, while others have allowed their natural grey to show, such as Nicole Kidman.

In addition to the grey hair showing up on more women in 2010, cheap hair extensions were also very popular, as it seemed women were looking for longer locks or more volume. Natural highlights were also very popular in 2010 rather than the chunky highlights several years ago. You also saw more celebrity women sporting up-dos that were similar to something you may have saw back in the 1940's.

One thing is clear, in 2010; it seemed celebrities made very good use of hair extensions. You would see your favorite celebrity one week with shoulder length hair and then the next week with long hair. Obviously, they did not grow their hair that quickly, so with more celebrities wearing hair extensions, more of the public also began wearing different extensions.

In 2010, it became a game for many fans to guess which celebrities at special events were wearing hair extensions. Of course, no one can tell because they look very natural, but it seemed that any woman that showed up with hair past her shoulders was thought to be wearing extensions.

Another unique trend for hair in 2010 is there appeared to be a mix of curls and straight hair. Typically, if the hair was worn in a ponytail, there were some soft curls in the ponytail with the rest of the hair being straight and smooth. It seemed ponytails made a big comeback in 2010, but many of the ponytails that fans saw were actually hair extensions and not the celebrity's natural hair.

Short hairstyles were not as popular in 2010 because of the new fascination with hair extensions, but you did see more hairstyles that have more volume. Of course, hair extensions can give the person more volume without adding length at all. Moreover, you saw more sales of flat irons in 2010, which means those that did have very curly hair naturally were "ironing" out the curls and going for the straight look.

Celebrity hairstyles come, go, and seem to make a full circle. There was a time when it seemed all the celebrities were sporting short haircuts, but not in 2010, you saw more women with longer hair and many ponytails. Trends come and go with celebrities and the general population, and what was popular 50 years ago, might makes it way to the popular scene again.

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