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Clip Hair Extensions

Clip Hair Extensions: Create a New Look in Minutes

For someone thinking about a new look, have you considered clip in hair extensions? Hair extensions allow someone with short hair to walk out with long hair in just minutes. They are so easy to add to your natural hair and can be placed inside and removed in relatively short amount of time. Read more to find tips on how you can get started on creating a new look in minutes.

Getting Started With Attaching Your Extensions

If you have decided to add your own clip hair extensions, it is just a matter of finding the right style and color. If you would like to add length to your hair, then choose extensions made of Indian Remy hair that can be blended in. Therefore, it is best to add extensions that are as close in color and texture to your natural hair as possible.

Add Length and Color

If you are not looking to add length to your hair, but instead would like to add highlights, then clip on hair extensions are ideal. You can create a new look in minutes by adding hair that is a lighter color than your own. These hair extensions will blend so naturally that everyone will think you went to a salon to have your hair professionally done.

Another reason to use clip hair extensions would be to add lowlights to your hair. It is now a popular style to have patches of dark hair for people who have a light hair color. Therefore, if you would like to add dark strands, then hair extensions are the ideal way to go, without having to die your natural hair.

How to Remove Your Extensions

Your human hair extensions can be easily removed by just detaching it from your hair. Just unhook the clip and gently loosen it from your hair. This is a simple method for those extensions that have been in place less than three days.

If the extension has been in place for a long period of time, it is advised to use a bit of hair oil or detangler to remove it from where it attached to your natural hair. Therefore to get started on removing your hair extensions, liberally spray the area of attachment hairline and the nape of the unit with the spray citrus remover. After spraying, allow the detangler to work for a few minutes (approximately 5 minutes) before trying to detach the hair extension. Trying to loosen the extension while your hair is entangled might cause pain and the hair to break.

After the 5 minutes has passed, gently lift the cheap hair extensions upwards, and spray more hair detangling lotion until the hair extension fully detaches. Afterwards, you can use cotton balls soaked in hair oil (or baby oil) to massage the area where the hair extension was attached.