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Clip In Hair Extensions Pro's & Con's

The Benefits of Clip Ins Over Other Hair Extensions

Platinum Blonde Clip In ExtensionsOne of the nice aspects to hair extension clip-ins is it gives you more control over the length and fullness of your hair. Moreover, many of these use human hair, which means you can style the hair just like your normal hair, with flat irons or curling irons. The main aspect to remember when buying the clip-in hair extensions regardless if they are human hair or synthetic, is matching it to your other hair, so that it will look natural.

Ease Of Application

One of best aspects to the clip-ins that make them popular is they are easy to apply and easy to take out. With other types of hair extensions it requires you to pay quite a bit of money to have it weaved or glued into your existing hair, and it take quite a while having the professional apply it in your hair. With the clip-ins, you can literally change your look everyday if you so desire.

Add Extra Colour With Clip In Hair Extensions

Red hair Extension Highlights

Another benefit of the clip-in hair extensions is you can add additional color to your hair without actually putting harsh chemicals on your hair. Moreover, if you have split-ends, you can easily cover these by attaching the clip-ins above the split-ends and creating a healthier appearance.

In addition, if you have a wedding to attend, you can wear clip in hair extensions and look fabulous with long or medium length hair. The clip-ins give you a lot of freedom and most are made with small clips that grab a bit of your hair and then have small fasteners so that the extensions stay in place. This way, if you happen to be out in the wind and the extensions need to be brushed, you can easily do this without having to take them out.


Change Your Look Daily

Additionally, if you do not like the longer locks, just remove the clip-ins because nothing is permanent. You can also change your hairstyle often from long ponytails or try a long flat-ironed look. Clip-in hair extensions are very safe for your hair and will not cause damage like bleaching, perming, highlighting, and coloring can do.

Premium Human Hair

Clip In Hair - Add Instant Volume & Length

What many women do not realize is that with clip on hair extensions, you can instantly add more volume to your hair. Some women have long hair, but it may be very thin or flat, clip-ins will give you volume and make your long hair look fabulous. You can find clip-in hair extensions at beauty salons, drugstores, and online. Of course, if you shop online, make sure you are using a good computer so that you can see the actual colors of the extensions.

Remember, hair that has slightly different shading throughout actually looks more natural than hair that is completely dyed the exact same color. You can have a lot of fun coming up with different hair styles and if something doesn't work, just remove the clip hair extensions, you have nothing to lose!