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Clip On Real Hair Extensions

Clip On Real Hair Extensions: How they Compare

There are various methods of attaching clip hair extensions. Three common methods are clip on, weft or micro loop extensions. There are reasons for someone to prefer each, but only clip on real hair extensions are both easy to put in and take out. As a result using this method to place in hair extensions can be more affordable for you.

    Micro Loop Hair Extensions

The micro loop method texture is not as easy as the clip on real hair extensions. Unless it is easy to put in some women will think twice about using this method of attachment. The way in which micro loop hair extensions are made involve a metal or plastic loop. Strands or your own hair are attached to strands of the extension hair using the micro loop. In some instances this does require the use of a pulling needle and should be put in place by a professional stylist. Like any type of human hair, micro loop extensions can be curled, set with rollers or flat-ironed.

    Weft Hair Extensions

One of the oldest methods of attachment is weft hair extensions. The hair is attached to a piece of material to create a weft. The weft has to be sewn in using needle and thread. In some instances, the stylist might glue the weft in. Weft hair extensions do not take as long as micro loop extensions but there are more limitations on the way the hair can be styled. Micro loop extensions will move naturally and can be styled into a high ponytail, whereas a weft extension can only be styled in such a way to hide the hair wefts. Yet the right stylist can make it look as if the weft hair extensions are layered hair growing from the scalp.

    Clip On Real Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are usually constructed with small undetectable clips attached to the hair. Using Indian Remy hair, these clip on extensions can be professionally styled into soft layers. The hair for the extension unit is premium hair and will appear very natural to anyone looking at hairstyle. Clip in hair extensions cheap are easy to use because they just have to be snapped into the hair. They can also be placed onto someone's hair in a short amount of time compared to the other methods. Thus in a very short time, you can add or have your stylist add length and body to your hair. Clip hair extensions will also require no sewing or gluing used with the other extension methods. These are extensions that have been created to further enhance your appearance without the hassle of having to take care of your own hair.