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European, Indian & Asian hair Extensions

Quality Differences between Asian, Indian and European Human Hair Extensions

Cheap human hair extensions are one of the best ways to get the most natural look when you are planning to have hair extensions added. However, if different hair ethnicity is feels differently and if you happen to have extensions where the hair texture is very different, it could actually make your hair look very unnatural. For example, if you have very thin hair, having Asian hair, which is the thickest type of hair added as extensions may not work well for your type of hair, so it is important to understand the differences in the types of hair.

Commonly used human hair for extensions comes from Indian, Asian, and European, but it is important to note the differences, so you and your hair stylist can make the best decision for your extensions.

Asain Hair Extensions

First, Asian hair is typically thick, straight, black or very dark brown in color. Moreover, Asian hair is very strong; in fact, it is can withstand chemicals and heat better than other types of hair. Typically, when Asian hair is used for someone with thinner hair, it has to be chemically made thinner so that it matches closer to the hair it is being attached to.

Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions come in a variety of different types that commonly include fine, medium, thick, straight, wavy, curly, and thick. For the most part, Indian women do not have their hair chemically processed, so it remains in what is referred to as the virgin state. However, it still has to undergo certain amounts of chemical process once it is donated to make its texture closer to that of Caucasian hair. Many Indian women donate their hair as a way of giving thanks when they marry.

European Hair Extensions

European hair is also of a smaller diameter and comes in a variety of colors and textures. Some women in Russia do not chemically treat their hair so it is often in a virgin state when it is donated. Both European and Russian hair is in the shortest supply and therefore is typically higher in price to find extensions than Indian or Asian hair.

It is not uncommon for many hairstylists to blend different textures of hair with yours to give it a unique texture of its own that feels very light and natural. You can get the human hair extensions in straight, curly, or wavy. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to make it very natural feeling when you have the extensions added.

There is a lot of work that goes into chemically making donated Asian and Indian hair feel more like Caucasian hair because it is the Caucasian population of women that seem most interested in hair extensions and human hair is in hot demand right now. Make sure you know the origins of the hair and how it is process before you have it placed or weaved into your hair.

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