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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions – Your Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Today having long and thick eyelashes is considered healthy and beautiful. However, not everyone has the long eyelashes that are desired. Instead of constantly looking for new mascara products that will make lashes look thicker and fully, maybe it’s time to consider another option. Many celebrities today are already using eyelash extensions, which eliminates the need for false eyelashes, using a lot of mascara, or constantly curling eyelashes to make them appear longer. These extensions are long lasting options that you can use to accent your eyes and make you feel beautiful. If you’re not familiar with eyelash extensions, here is your simple guide packed with helpful information.

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About Eyelash Extensions

First, it’s important to understand what eyelash extensions really are. Many people confuse them with eyelash clusters, implants, or false eyelashes. Instead of being worn for a day, like false eyelashes or eyelash clusters, these extensions actually last for weeks at a time, providing a semi-permanent option. The extensions are easy to use and curl on their own without the need for an eyelash curler. Exercising, swimming, and showering with the extensions is fine as well as long as you allow the adhesive to dry completely for about 24 hours.

The Benefits

Now that you understand what eyelash extensions are, you may be wondering how they can benefit you. One of the main benefits you’ll enjoy is the ability to eliminate mascara use from your beauty routine. You won’t need to worry about applying mascara, worrying about eye infections that mascara can cause, and there will no longer be a need to worry about crying or having your eyes water. Another benefit is that these extensions are low maintenance. Once they are applied, they’ll last for several weeks at a time.

Using eyelash extensions also allows you to have the benefit of full, long, beautiful eyelashes. If you have light, sparse, or short eyelashes, this is the perfect way to open up eyes and make them look more appealing. The addition of these extensions also helps to lift downturned eyes, which can make them look old or tired. Your eyes will look larger and younger when you choose this route.

Choosing the Right Extensions

If you decide that you want to go with eyelash extensions, it’s important that you make a wise decision. To help you make the right choice, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

- Choose Quality, Real Extensions – If you are going to go with these extensions for your eyelashes, you’ll definitely want to choose ones that are of high quality and made of real hair. Real hair is less likely to irritate your eyes and they will look more natural too. Go with a quality brand for the best results.

- Keep Hair, Eye, and Skin Color in Mind – You also need to keep your hair, eye, and skin color in mind. It’s best to choose a color that will go well with your hair and skin color. You also want to make your eye color stand out nicely with the specific color of extensions you choose.

- Consider Your Eye Shape – Eye shape should also be considered as you choose your extensions. Various extension shapes and lengths are available to compliment various eye shapes.

Importance of Choosing Professional Extensions

Before you decide to have professional eyelash extensions applied, remember that going with professional extensions is important. You want to get quality for your money and you also want to make sure you get high quality extensions that won’t irritate your eyes. When you go with professional options, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that these extensions have to offer.

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