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Hair Extension Trends Of The Stars

Celebrity Hair Extension Clip In Trends

Whether we like it or not, celebrities influence just about everything we do. Hairstyles are no exception. If you've every longingly looked through the pages of a magazine and wished you could have the same hair that celebrities have, you may be surprised to know that hair extensions are behind most celebrity hair trends.

Hair Extensions Clip In -Straight and sleek.

A very popular celebrity hair extensions in trend is the very long and very straight and sleek style. This style is usually accompanied with a perfect middle part and very long bangs. In case you're worried that your bangs are not long enough to achieve this look, you can use cheap hair extensions to make your bangs appear much longer.

Hair Extensions-Big and curly.

Many celebrities, especially pop stars, love to have their hair as big and curly as possible. However, most people simply don't have enough hair to make the style work. This hairstyle is possible with the help of curly hair extensions, and it helps if your real hair is already naturally curly. If your hair isn't naturally curly, you can still have those big celebrity curls with the help of a curling iron, but just keep in mind that applying constant heat to your hair will inevitably cause damage.

Hair Extensions - Bangs.

Let's face it, bangs are a big commitment. However, seeing so many celebrities with blunt cut bangs has probably made you consider getting these chic bangs. But if you've been diligently growing your bangs from the last impulse decision, you're probably skeptical about taking the plunge and getting bangs. If you've ever wondered how so many celebrities are able to have bangs one day and then have a fabulous middle part with chin length bangs the next day, the answer is hair extensions clip in bangs. The great thing about this celebrity hair extension trend is that you don't have to be committed to bangs just to try a new look.

Hair Extensions - Long side braid.

For a carefree look, many celebrities have made a long, loose side braid the new look of the season. While this celebrity hair extension trend looks great in magazines, the fact is that most people don't have enough hair to pull off this look. A great way to achieve this style is by adding a lot of hair extensions to your real hair. Remember that when you braid the hair, it will be a little shorter than it is when it is down, so be sure to account for that when choose the length of extensions to buy. Remember that part of the appeal to this hairstyle is the thickness of the braid, so make sure that your extensions are thick enough to make a substantial braid.

Human Hair Extensions-Short and sweet.

You've probably seen many celebrities rocking the hair that is short in the back with extra long side swept bangs, and believe it or not, those bangs are made possible with the help of hair extensions. If you've taken the plunge and cut your hair short, then you can add an extra dimension and a little bit of drama to your cute hairdo. The great thing about this celebrity hair extensions trend is you can have a little more liberty with the styling process and try more daring things.

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