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Human Hair Extensions - 20 Inch Platinum Blonde 150 Gram

Platinum blonde Remy Human hair Extensions
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Our Remy Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair, so you can wash, curl, straighten
and blow-dry the hair extensions just as if they were your own natural hair!


Buy Today And Receive:

  • 8 piece full head human clip in hair extensions (150 grams).
  • Light weight, easy to apply clips.
  • Remy human hair with the hair extension roots and tips arranged
    in the same direction as your own hair.
  • FREE rat tailed comb and several hair clips as a special bonus.
  • Friendly and informative customer support available 7 days a week.

(8 Pieces In Total; 150 grams)

Buyers Beware:

Buyers beware of companies offering inferior and bulky 10+ clip piece sets, which have less hair per clip, are quite difficult to fit on ones scalp and are very conspicuous.

Being Australian owned and operated Hair Extensions-Australia offer our customers luxuriously soft, tangle free remy hair extensions of the highest quality and standard. Our 8 piece clip design provides our customers with a secure yet gentle hold, whilst offering more hair per square inch than other sets on the marketplace.

Hair Extensions-Australia provides friendly and informative customer service, colour matching services, FREE postage & several free bonuses with every purchase.

Bonus Tools Included With The Hair Extensions Kit
Tools needed for applying the hiar extensions.
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20 Inch Platinum Blonde Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions



Hair extensions being applied in stages.






Hair extensions are the simplest and most straight forward means to add remarkable length, mass and vivacity to your hair. All of this is at your fingertips without the necessity to expend a lot of cash or visit costly hair dressers. The hair extensions we offer are of the utmost quality and highest standards in the industry today.

Produced from simply processed strands of natural human hair including the cuticle to assure superior quality. The process of hair collection utilized to reap acceptable donor hair keeps all the hair set in the identical way that it would have in natural hair. In this way, our hair extensions are exceedingly impervious to nasty tangles and unsightly matting. This removes the necessity for continuous combing or brushing and upkeep.

The clip-in hair extensions we offer are made from 100% genuine human hair, so they unify seamlessly with the client’s existing hair – nobody has to have knowledge of this except you.

The rewards of utilizing real hair extensions over inferior man-made hair are quite prolific. Extensions made from real human hair may be curled, flat ironed, blow dried, colored just like your own hair. The easy to use snap-lock clip apparatus makes for quick and confident use. But it is vital nevertheless to make note of the fact that before any heat is applied to the extensions that they are sprayed with an agent that is impervious to heat.

Alternatively, you can just leave conditioning products on the extensions to keep them from unnecessary injury. We offer a wide array of top quality human hair extensions. All are priced competitively and are presented in various colors, lengths and styles that let you produce the precise appearance you want.







Step one: Attaching the 1st 6” Remy Hair Extension
Step 1: Applying the first Remy Hair Extensions.

1. Part the hair approximately 2” above the nape of the neck. Keep the part straight and sharp. Loose hair needs to be secured and kept out of the way with a standard hair clip.

2. Position the three-piece clip right along the hair line. Fasten the center clip.

3. Pull out the weft piece on each side of the head. Securely fasten down with the remaining two clips; one on the right, one on the left.



Step two: Attaching the 2nd 6’ Remy Hair Extension
Step 2: Applying the second Remy Hair Extensions.

Take your top hair out of the clip and make another sharp part just over the 1st one.

Now clip any hair out of the way and at the top of your head.

Position the 6” weft in the center and fasten down.

Pull the hair of the weft left and right in the direction of your ears and fasten the clips left over on each side.

Step three: Attaching the 1st 8” Remy Hair Extension
Step 3: Applying the third Remy Hair Extensions.

Take your hair out of the clip and make still another sharp part just above the second weft.

Now move the excess hair up and out of your way on top of the head. Position the 7” weft in the middle and fasten down.

Pull the hair of the weft piece in both directions towards the ears and fasten with the rest of the remaining hair-clips on each side.







Step four: Attaching the 2nd 8” Remy Hair Extension
Step 4: Applying the fourth Remy Hair Extensions.

Take your hair out of the clip on top of the head and make yet another part just a little above the 3rd weft.

Extra hair needs to be clipped on top of the head and out of the way.

Position the 9” weft in the middle and fasten down securely.

Pull the hair of the weft in both directions towards the ears and fasten the remaining clips on either side of the head.







Step five: Attaching the 2” Remy Hair Extensions
Step 5: Applying the fifth Remy Hair Extensions.

You should have a 2” Remy piece left.

This is utilized on the side of the head to create fullness, more body and to frame the face better.

Fasten this weft as you have all previous ones and position as desired.

Enjoy your new, full, longer and lovelier hair.









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