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Human Hair Extensions - 20 Inch Light Brown 150 Gram

Light Brown Remy Human hair Extensions
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Our Remy Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair, so you can wash, curl, straighten
and blow-dry the hair extensions just as if they were your own natural hair!


Buy Today And Receive:

  • 8 piece full head human clip in hair extensions (150 grams).
  • Light weight, easy to apply clips.
  • Remy human hair with the hair extension roots and tips arranged
    in the same direction as your own hair.
  • FREE rat tailed comb and several hair clips as a special bonus.
  • Friendly and informative customer support available 7 days a week.

(8 Pieces In Total; 150 grams)

Buyers Beware:

Buyers beware of companies offering inferior and bulky 10+ clip piece sets, which have less hair per clip, are quite difficult to fit on ones scalp and are very conspicuous.

Being Australian owned and operated Hair Extensions-Australia offer our customers luxuriously soft, tangle free remy hair extensions of the highest quality and standard. Our 8 piece clip design provides our customers with a secure yet gentle hold, whilst offering more hair per square inch than other sets on the marketplace.

Hair Extensions-Australia provides friendly and informative customer service, colour matching services, FREE postage & several free bonuses with every purchase.

Bonus Tools Included With The Hair Extensions Kit
Tools needed for applying the hiar extensions.
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20 Inch Light Brown Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions



Hair extensions being applied in stages.






What could be easier?  With Remy hair extensions you can have long hair that is striking in both its length and its body.  What makes this even more practical is the fact that the hair extensions of today are of a better quality, but at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you went to a professional hair salon for your extensions.  Of course, quality does vary, as does price, so look for those that offer hair extensions made with protein-rich hair including the cuticle, and hair that has not been over-processed. 

Hair that is harvested from donors, and arranged in the same direction as it would if it were real hair, means that the hair extensions are resistant to both tangles and matting.  That means that you are spared the constant brushing and maintenance required for some types of hair extensions.

Clip on hair extensions should ideally be made with real hair so that they can naturally blend in with the wearer’s hair.  After all, you do not want everyone to know that you are wearing a hair extension!  There are extensions made with synthetic hair that are cheaper, but these are also of a lower quality to those made with real human hair.  When you choose extensions made with human hair you will be able to style and curl the hair, as well as use colorants, dryers, flat irons, and so on. 

Although real human hair extensions can be styled the way that normal hair can be styled, it is always best to treat the hair first.  Use a heat resistant agent before drying the hair using an applied heat source.  Leaving a conditioning agent on the hair will prevent damage to the extensions.

You can find a wide range of excellent quality human hair extensions.  These are priced competitively and are available in a wide range of different colors, styles, lengths, and so on, enabling you to create your desired look.







Step 1: Applying the First 6 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 1: Applying the first Remy Hair Extensions.

1. Clean the hair and make sure that you have a straight horizontal part about 1 or 2 inches above the neck line.  Loose hair can be secured on the top of the head using a clip.

2. Attach the 3 piece clip along that horizontal line and then attach the center or middle clip.

3. Next, extend the piece on both sides of the head, securing this with the last 2 clips, on either side.



Step 2: Applying the Second 6 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 2: Applying the second Remy Hair Extensions.

Release the hair you secured on top of the head and form another horizontal part slightly above the first one.

As before, restrain excess hair out of the way and attach the second 6 inch weft in the middle.

Again, extend the weft to the left and right and secure with the remaining clips.

Step 3: Applying the First 8 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 3: Applying the third Remy Hair Extensions.

Secure excess hair as before.

Place the 8 inch weft in the middle and secure in place.

Extend it towards the left and right and secure on both sides.







Step 4: Applying the Second 8 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 4: Applying the fourth Remy Hair Extensions.

Once again release the hair and form another horizontal part above the third weft and secure the excess hair out of your way.

Attach the 8 inch weft in the middle and secure.

Extend the weft to both sides and secure.







Step 5: Applying the 2 Inch Remy Hair Extensions
Step 5: Applying the fifth Remy Hair Extensions.

The 2 inch extensions are intended to add fullness and body. 

They are attached on the sides of the head and so frame the face nicely. 

As you did when applying the abovementioned wefts, secure the excess hair and attach the weft where you want it.









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