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Our Remy Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair, so you can wash, curl, straighten
and blow-dry the hair extensions just as if they were your own natural hair!


Buy Today And Receive:

  • 8 piece full head human clip in hair extensions (150 grams).
  • Light weight, easy to apply clips.
  • Remy human hair with the hair extension roots and tips arranged
    in the same direction as your own hair.
  • FREE rat tailed comb and several hair clips as a special bonus.
  • Friendly and informative customer support available 7 days a week.

(8 Pieces In Total; 150 grams)

Buyers Beware:

Buyers beware of companies offering inferior and bulky 10+ clip piece sets, which have less hair per clip, are quite difficult to fit on ones scalp and are very conspicuous.

Being Australian owned and operated Hair Extensions-Australia offer our customers luxuriously soft, tangle free remy hair extensions of the highest quality and standard. Our 8 piece clip design provides our customers with a secure yet gentle hold, whilst offering more hair per square inch than other sets on the marketplace.

Hair Extensions-Australia provides friendly and informative customer service, colour matching services, FREE postage & several free bonuses with every purchase.

Bonus Tools Included With The Hair Extensions Kit
Tools needed for applying the hiar extensions.
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20 Inch Off Black Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions



Hair extensions being applied in stages.






You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars or go to expensive stylists to liven up your drab look. Hair extensions are the simply the easiest way you can add renewed vibrancy, body, and length to your own hair. The hair extensions we offer are the highest quality available on the market and made to the best standards. We use protein-rich hair strands with cuticles attached, that are minimally processed. This ensures great quality extensions.

We use a special collection procedure when we obtain hair from our donors that keeps each hair aligned in the same direction, so it is just like normal hair. Because we do this, our extensions are very resistant to matting and being tangled. They don't need much maintenance or brushing.

We use real human hair to make clip in hair extensions, so they blend in naturally with your own hair. No one will know your secret to beautiful hair. There are several reasons you want to choose human hair extensions over synthetic extensions of inferior quality. For one thing, human hair extensions can easily be coloured, flat ironed, curled, and hair dried. Plus our easy snap lock clip allows for quick, easy, and secure application.

Just remember to spray a heat resistant agent to the hair extensions before applying heat or a hair dryer. You can also use a leave in conditioner. Both of these methods protect the hair extensions from being damaged.

We offer a wide variety of the highest quality human hair extensions. They are competitively priced and they can be purchased in many different colours, styles, and lengths, so you can design the exact hair style you want for the occasion.







Step 1: Applying the First 6 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 1: Applying the first Remy Hair Extensions.

1. Begin at the nape of your neck and make a straight horizontal part about an inch or two above the nape. Twist and secure the loose hair on top of your head using a clip.

2. Now position the three piece clip along your hair line and then attach the centre clip.

3. Stretch the weft piece on both sides and secure each remaining clip, one to the right side of your head and the other to the left side.



Step 2: Applying the Second 6 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 2: Applying the second Remy Hair Extensions.

Unbundle your hair from atop your head and make another horizontal part just above your first weft.

Twist your excess hair once more and secure it on top of your head so it is out of the way. Position the second six inch weft in the middle of your head and attach the clip.

Stretch the sides of the weft towards each side of your head and secure each side in place with a clip.

Step 3: Applying the First 8 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 3: Applying the third Remy Hair Extensions.

Remove your hair from its bundle on top your head and make another part in your hair just slightly above your second weft.

Place the excess hair securely out of the way by clipping it atop your head. Now place the eight inch weft in the center of your head and clip it into place.

Stretch the weft on both sides and secure the left and right clips into place.







Step 4: Applying the Second 8 Inch Remy Hair Extension
Step 4: Applying the fourth Remy Hair Extensions.

Unclip the bundle of hair on top your head so you can make another part in your hair above weft number 3.

Return the excess hair to its resting place on top of your head. Position weft number 4 in the centre of your head and attach the clip.

Stretch out the left side of the weft and secure it with a clip. Stretch out the right side of the weft and secure it with a clip.







Step 5: Applying the 2 Inch Remy Hair Extensions
Step 5: Applying the fifth Remy Hair Extensions.

The smaller two inch Remy pieces are added to the sides of your head to give your hair more body and make your hair look fuller. This helps create a beautiful frame for your face.

To add these in the desired places simply follow the procedure as outlined above. Keep excess hair clipped up and out of the way while you are applying the weft. Let your hair down each time you need to make a new part in the area you wish to attach an extension. To position the extensions properly, secure the centre first and then attach the sides.









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