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Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Types of Hair Extensions For Short Hair

One of the most popular hair extensions is the silky straight hair extension. Silky straight human hair has been hand-tied onto fine, undetectable hair extensions that blends into your own hair, giving a natural appearance. If it is human hair, the hair can be styled in almost anyway you like it. Hair extensions can be placed in rollers, styled with heat, or worn down for a super straight look. The weft hair can be either machine-made or completely hand-tied. These type of e extensions can be dyed to blend with your own natural human hair. As part of the luxury of wearing hair extensions, you are guaranteed that the hair used to make them is indeed silky, straight, and soft.

African-American Textured Hair

One of the newest types of hair extensions is the African American textured extensions. It can resemble curly, kinky, or kinky straight hair. Some of these extensions can realistically resemble African American hair after it has been processed with a relaxer. These extensions can be made of high quality Indian Remy hair in various colors ranging from a natural 1 or 1B color to a color 4 with #30 highlights. Even though it is a human hair extensions, the texture of the hair is sleek, and the hair can be naturally parted when blended in by your hair stylist.

With a thin weft, these extensions will give the appearance of smooth newly "relaxed" layered hair growing from the scalp. The hair can be completely hand-tied and also dyed if using human hair extensions.

African American texture is processed to resemble a fresh relaxer. Only the finest Premium Indian Remy human hair was used to make these type of extensions. The unique construction provides a more natural placement when inserted as extensions into short hair. The hair comes un-styled in layers: you can cut, curl, flat iron or roller set the hair.

How They Are Placed In

Therefore, regardless of your ethnicity, there is a type of hair extension for you to use for your short hair. You can choose to have the hair placed on a weft as we have discussed or single strands of hair can be blended in using a process known as micro-linking. This is the use of plastic or metal links to attach the hair. There is also the option of having the hair glued or sewn in by blending it into your hair in a process called fusion. Another way to have the hair extension placed into your hair is by the use of clips or braids. Clip-on hair extensions are quite popular and a much easier and faster way to add extensions to your own hair. Therefore, with so many options, why not try hair extensions today.

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