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With so many different types of hair dryers on the market, it is important to know what kind of hair dryer to purchase. When it comes to styling your hair, an important factor is drying it correctly.

Often, when you see people with fantastic hair, their success comes from the fact that they dried their hair with a quality hair dryer. Many people feel that as long as they load their hair down with products, their hair will look great. However, the way you dry your hair can often determine how your hair looks through the rest of your styling process.

Even if you use the very best shampoo, conditioner and heat protectors, if you have a low quality hair dryer, all of your hard work will be useless. Remember that a great hair style begins with a canvas of great hair, and the way to achieve great hair is with a great hair dryer.


Conventional Hair Dryers

Conventional Hair Dryer

If you're like most people, you own a conventional hair dryer. These types of dryers contain a metal coil that heats up to a very high temperature, and uses traditional technology to blow out hot air.

Although this type of hair dryer can effectively dry your wet hair, it bad for your hair because it is essentially removing all moisture from your hair. Even if you use a heat protector, if you are using the wrong kind of hair dryer, you will have a difficult time preventing heat induced damage.

Ion Hair Dyers

Ion Hair Dryer

It is a good idea to find an ion hair dryer that emits negative ions once it heats up. Similar to traditional hair dryers, they still have a fan the blows out the hot air, however, once the negative ions come in contact with the hair, the ions disperse in such a way that they infuse the cuticle of the hair with moisture and shine.

Negative ions actually help to flatten the cuticle instead of raising the cuticle. When the cuticle is raised, the result is usually frizzy, unhealthy hair. However, an ion dryer actually locks moisture into the cuticle, and leaves the hair much softer, smoother and healthier.


Hair Dryers Infrared Technology

Hair Extension ToolsMost ion hair dryers use half of the heat of traditional dryers and they use far infrared technology, which actually heats the hair from the inside out, as opposed to overheating the outside of the hair and causing damage.

When the hair is too hot, it is impossible to prevent damage, and although it may not seem like you are damaging your hair, you are essentially "frying" your hair. When your hair is heat damaged, it will not look unhealthy and will be more susceptible to breakage.

Keep in mind that depending on the products you use, you will likely see some steam escaping from your hair, however, if you smell hair burning, then you are doing something wrong.

When you can, it is a good idea to allow your hair to air dry, however, since your hair is in its weakest state when it's wet, you want to avoid being too rough on it as you dry it. Instead of always using a comb attachment, try allowing your remi hair to partially air dry if you are in a rush, and then finish trying it with an ion dryer.

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