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Hair Extensions Melbourne

Why are Hair Extensions In Melbourne So Popular Right Now?

Hair extensions australia are proud to bring you premium quality remy human extensions in a variety of colours, styles and lengths. Hair extensions are so popular right now because of their easy care and storage. The care and storage of your extensions is quite important. As with any extension, the more you look after it, the longer your extension will continue to look new. There are different ways to care and store a hair extension, however, a certain process should be established to do so.

Applying Heat To Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions unlike your own hair do not have the same amount of natural oils travelling through them on a daily basis as your own hair. As such, they may dry out if not properly cared for. It is always a great idea to apply a heat resistent lotion to the hair extensions prior to exposing them to heat. This will help protect them from drying out too much and lead to better moisture retention.

Always use heating tools on a low to moderate setting and where ever possible apply a leave in conditioner when the hair is in need. Since the extensions provided on this site are remy quality human hair they can be treated like regular hair, but since the clip ins do not recieve as much natural oil as your own hair they require a little extra TLC. This is true with every type of hair extensions on the marketplace.

Having said this, treat the clip on extensions as though they were your own hair - the better you care for them the longer they will stay in excellent condition.

Styling Clip In Hair

The second way in which the popularity of hair extensions have increased in Melbourne is due to the easy way in which you can style them. Realize that a extension cannot be treated in the same way as we would the hair on our head. Yes, these extensions can be styled, cut, colored, or blow-dried, but treating them roughly will cause the hair to look frazzled. In the end, the extension will not look as beautiful as when you first purchased it if proper care is not given.

Human Hair Product Selection

A third tip in regards to human hair care is to remember that the products needed to care for your extension will not always be the same products that are used on your regular hair. This is especially true if your human hair is a different silky texture of hair than your normal hair. Therefore, it will be necessary to purchase additional products because your regular hair care products could weigh down the hair, and leave the human hair looking dull and lifeless. You can read more about hair care tips and various maintenance products on some of our main FAQ and hair care tips pages.

Generally a extension will be popular because it does not need to be washed as often as your regular hair, and is not washed in the same way as this will cause the hair to tangle. Washing a human hair is necessary to keep it looking and smelling clean. However, for those women who wash their hair everyday, this frequency of hair washing is not needed.

Storing Your Extensions

Not only is caring for the extension in Melbourne important, but the storage of the extension is important as well. Proper storage of a extension can be accomplished by purchasing a hatbox in which to keep your extension. A bag to keep your hair extensions in Melbourne is also great for storage, but only for a short-term between applications of your extension. However, a hatbox is preferred when the extension is to be stored for a long period of time. It is also recommended to protect the hair by placing a hair net to protect the hair and retain the hairstyle. In this way, your extension will have a fresher appearance for a longer time.

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