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Hair Extensions Online

Hair Extensions Online - The easiest way to buy!

There are various hair extensions you can purchase online. When you buy clip in hair extensions online, not only do you save money, you are also able to select clip in hair that is easy to use and maintain. Examples of clip in hair extensions that you can purchase online include:

Silky Straight Clip In Hair

Clip in extensions with silky straight hair texture uses Remy hair, which is naturally smooth and silky. Many women prefer to buy clip in hair online because of silky straight hair texture. Silky straight hair is much easier to manage, and will not undergo tangling and matting. In order to have a extensions made with Silky Straight hair, a hair donor with this type of texture has to be first found. Hair that is not silky straight can be flat-ironed to achieved the same level of straightness, however this texture will not be permanent, and will revert back to the original hair. A silky straight hair texture is ideal and can be purchased online.

Body Wave Extensions

The body wave hair, also known as the light body wave is treated with a chemical to give the hair natural body and volume. To create hair with a body wave will depend on the original hair used. Often virgin Indian Remy hair is subjected to chemical processing to lightly create a natural wave with hair that is soft to the touch. The slight wave or light body wave pattern is often seen at the bottom layers of the hair. Body wave hair bought online is used to give the look of natural hair with adequate amounts of volume. By buying a body wave texture clip online, you will not be disappointed!

Deep Body Wave Extensions

Like the Body Wave hair, a Deep Body Wave hair is Remy hair processed to create a more defined body. Natural Remy hair will undergo a perm to create deep waves in the hair that will make the "mouths of hair lovers" - water. The difference between a body wave texture, and a deep body wave is that the hair is processed for a longer period of time, and different rods are used to achieve a tighter wave. If you want heads to turn, as you walk down the street - choose your next extensions to have a Deep Body Wave texture!

Water Wave Clip In Hair

The water wave hair texture is quite a popular type to buy for online hair extensions. It involves processing the hair in order to achieve a wave pattern. However, the wave pattern is not as intense as the Deep Body Wave, but instead the hair is treated until it resembles hair that is wet. When virgin Remy hair is wet, it will have a characteristic wave pattern to it. For many women, this wave pattern is the style they prefer their clip in extensions to have, so the hair is treated with a perm until this "water wave" pattern is created. Therefore, the result is a natural style with more texture and body than straight hair.

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