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Hair Extensions Sydney

Events to Wear Hair Extensions to In Sydney

There are various events you can wear hair extensions to in Sydney. The hair extensions from Hair Extensions Australia are quite versatile and can be purchased when you need to add glamour to your life. It is even possible to consider using a specific type of hair extension for that special outing or event.

Hair Extensions Australia stock a large range of remy human hair extensions in all the most popular colours, styles & lengths. Express post is available for Australian customers and to make application of our remy hair quick & easy we include a free rat tailed comb and several hair clips.

If you are unsure of which colour to purchase please feel free to use our Contact Us page for colour matching advice and 24/7 customer support - our friendly customer service team will assist you in any way they can.


Virgin Indian Remy Extensions: For A Birthday Party

Remy Hair Extensions Sydney

Virgin Indian Remy extensions are great for a birthday party. They are used to create the long hairstyles that require a straight look. This is usually top quality Remy hair, so it will have the cuticles of the hair still intact.

The Virgin Remy hair is unlike other types of hair used to make a extension because the hair is not processed in anyway.

Therefore, it is considered to be a superior quality type of hair. Based on this, other than a mild hair washing, and hand tying of the hair, no chemical processes are completely on the extension.

Virgin Indian Remy hair will be purchase directly from the donor, and then used to create a beautiful extension!


Asian Remy Extensions: For An Office Party

Asian Remy extensions is considered to be a coarser hair than Indian or Brazilian Remy hair. Like the other types of Remy extensions, it is collected directly from the hair donor. The cuticle on the hair is still located on the hair, and the Remy hair has not undergone an acid-bath that might make it dry and brittle. This form of Remy hair is slightly processed to produce a little silkiness, with a little coarse texture. The Asian Remy hair is lovely because it is straight, but with a noticeable texture. Therefore, many extension makers and customers prefer Asian Remy hair and it is wonderful when worn for an office party. This is due to the ability to easily style this type of hair.

Brazilian Remy Extensions: For A Special Date

Brazilian Remy Extensions

Brazilian Remy extensions is hair that has been cut directly from the hair donor and can be worn for a special date. It is also know as cuticle hair. Remy hair is not always used to make extensions, and many vendors will sell non-cuticle hair. Remy hair is of a better quality of hair because it still has the hair cuticle intact, and this has not been removed.

The cuticle of the hair is removed by using an acid bath, which also dries and weakens the hair. Non-cuticle hair also tangles more easily and will break down faster.

By using Remy hair, the hair is stronger and will maintain is style for a longer period of time, while remaining tangle-free. Brazilian Remy hair can be purchased in either a deep curl Remy or as body wave Remy extension.

The body wave has a loose curl towards the end of the hair, whereas the deep curl has a tighter curl throughout the whole hair strand. Your date will indeed be impressed.

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