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Hair Extension Hair Care Tips

How To Keep Your Hair Extensions In Great Condition

From the red carpet of the stars to the streets of the fashionistas, hair extensions have become all the rage these days. It should come as no surprise then that human hair extensions and feather hair extensions have become one of the quickest and easiest ways in which to change your hairsyle from one day to the next.

The hallmark of good human hair extensions has always been their quality in terms of their appearance, durability and feeling as similiar to your own hair as possible. The extensions from Hair Extensions Australia possess all of these traits and more, and being 100% remy human hair the highest of quality is assured. Like your own hair, hair extensions require a certain amount of care and maintenance to keep them looking and feeling great.

Hair Extensions - Washing Tips

washing your hairNeedless to say, you keep your hair clean by washing it on a regular basis to keep it looking and smelling great. Daily life being filled with dust, dirt, sweat and any number of hair products used to shape or style your hair can, and most often does, lead to a lack luster appearance in the hair and a shorter lifespan. Hair extensions are no exception. To prevent this, shampooing the hair extensions once they have become dirty can be done with little to no fuss.

Before washing your hair extensions, you must ensure that there are no knots and tangles present in the hair simply by using a soft brush.

Do not tug on the hair as you can rip out the hair extensions.

Then, gradually wet your hair, brush it again and then apply mild shampoo. You should always apply the shampoo in a downward direction to avoid creating knots or tangles in the hair and then rinse under warm water. Repeat process using a good quality conditioning product. Just pat dry the hair instead of rubbing it and then brush only when it is completely dry. To keep the hair extensions in great condition hang them on a coat hanger, wire, string or other and allow to air dry as opposed to exposing them to unnecessary heat from a hair dryer.

Hair Extensions - Styling Tips

Always use a soft bristle brush with your hair and use gentle motions only. You should start at the ends while working your way up into the top of the head. Remember to use downward motions only, since upward motions can create tangles. Brush your hair at least 3 times a day, more when you live in a windy area.

brown hair extensionsAs much as possible, keep heat from blow dryers and curling irons away from your natural human hair extensions. This way, you can extend their life and, keep them in terrific condition much longer.

Although human hair extensions can be curled, colored and treated, you should let a qualified hair stylist do it for you. At the very least, you will not be exposing yourself to botched DIY hair jobs.

To keep your hair extensions tangle free, we advise taking them out prior to going to sleep, as all that tossing and turning can leading to knots and tangles being created, as is the case with your own hair.

To store the hair extensions tie in a loose ponytail to prevent tangles and knots and then put in a safe place until they are next needed. If your hair is suitable to be styled in a ponytail, then do so when you want to exercise.

This is also true when you want to go swimming either in the pool or in the ocean. If you decide to wear the hair extensions when going swimming an extra precaution is to cover your hair with a swimming cap. This is because chlorine and saltwater adversely affects human hair extensions by causing them to become matted, tangled and knotted.

In all these activities, make sure you use good quality hair shampoos, conditioners and styling products to keep your hair extensions in great condition. Ask you hair stylist about the preferred options on the marketplace.

Hair Extensions - Heat Treating

You can subject your 100% human hair extensions to styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and hot rollers, in the same way as you do your natural hair providing you take a few precautions.

brown hair extension

Again, you must be gentler with these styling tools on your hair extensions as tugging too much can cause them to separate from the natural hair. Plus, there is also the matter of damaging the extensions if you apply too much heat, pressure and stress on the hair extensions. To avoid this, always use these tools on a low to moderate setting and apply a heat protectant spray, cream or lotion prior to exposing the hair extensions to heat.

Remember, as is the case with a persons skin, hair extensions stay in a much healthier condition if moisture levels are correct. So, a good quality leave in conditioner is a great idea. Consult your local hair salon for the best products available.

Synthetic hair must not be exposed to heat in any level from the above mentioned styling tools. Again, the materials in synthetic hair are not designed for heat and, hence, will warp, melt and burn even from the relatively low heat of the blow dyer. This is yet another reason to opt for real human hair as opposed to the inferior synthetic options.

Some inferior hair extensions are made from a combination of human and synthetic hair. In this case, we suggest treating them as though they were made entirely from synthetic hair and not heat or style them as you would human hair. Our hair is a 100% human hair so this is not a problem and you can colour, curl, style and straighten just as you would normal hair.

No matter the kind of hair extensions you are planning to purchase, one dictum remains unchanged - you must take very good care of your hair because it is your crowning glory.

Curling & Straightening Human Hair Extensions

hair straightenersOnce you have your hair extensions in place, your next concerns will be for its care and maintenance. The very first of these concerns should be the application of heat to the hair extensions for the purpose of either curling or straightening them.

Can you apply heat to the hair extensions without causing damage to it?

Well, the answer is a yes. As mentioned above, it is always a good idea to set the heating tools to a low to moderate setting so as to ensure that you do not burn or overly dry out the extensions. Always use a heat protect spray or cream prior to exposing the clip in hair extensions to heat and use a leave in conditioner after styling the hair.

Like your own hair, it is best not to curl or straighten the extensions too frequently. A good option is to have two sets of clip in hair extensions, one that you have straightened and the other that you have curled. This way you expose the hair to minimal stress.

Can Hair Extensions Be Chemically Treated or Coloured?

hair extension colour ring Does the concept of dying your human hair extensions make you nervous? Many people love the look of their hair extensions, but let's face it, if the color the doesn't match the color of your real hair, you may want to dye them to a shade that better matches your exact hair colour. To avoid damaging you human hair extensions with a botched DIY home job, make sure you become informed as to the best ways in which to dye your extensions.

Here are a few things to remember when you are dying your human hair extensions.

Before you dye your extensions, you have to decide on a color. If you are tempted to lighten your dark hair extensions, you may want to avoid that. Instead of purchasing dark human hair and attempting to lift the color, it is a good idea to simply purchase light blonde hair and dye it your desired color.

This will essentially save you a step in the dying process, and prevent further damage to your extensions.

hair dye

However if you are planning on dying your extensions a very dark color such as dark brown or black, instead of dying blonde extensions the dark color, it will be better if you purchase extensions that are already brown and dye them your desired color. This will help your clip in hair extensions to hold their color better and as a result, the color will last longer.

If you decide to do a DIY job on the hair, then use a semi permanent hair dye and follow the instructions provided on the packet. make sure you dye a sample of the clip in hair prior to doing the entire set, to ensure the colour is correct.

The safest option is always to consult your local hair solon prior to colouring your hair extensions. They will be able advise you on the best options available to you.

For indepth information pertaining to dying tips and tricks, applying highlights or lowlights and the correct types of hair dyes to use, please refer to our colouring hair extensions informational pages.

100% Human Hair Extensions

These are the best option when considering purchasing hair extensions because of the many processes necessary before it reaches your hair, not to mention the difficulty in securing virgin hair instead of manufacturing synthetic hair. In fact, synthetic hair is approximately 1/3 the cost of 100% human hair extensions.

black hairThe benefits, fortunately, are well worth the price. You can treat the human hair extensions as you would normal hair. You can colour and dye, curl and straighten, shampoo and condition as well as style it any way you want. Plus, these hair extensions usually last longer than their synthetic counterparts. Thus, you can apply the curling and flat iron as well as the blow dryer to your 100% human hair extensions. It can take the heat, so to speak, but only in moderation.

Why? Simply because hair extensions have no source of moisture and, hence, will react to the heat coming from these styling tools more than natural hair would given the same amount of treatment. With excessive heat applied to the hair extensions, it will soon dry up and you are left with scraggly hair.

So, before you experiment with your irons and blow dryers, do ask your hair stylist for advice. Better yet, let her do the job for you.

Hair Extensions - Materials Used

human hair extensionsHair extensions come in two types depending on the materials used - natural hair or synthetic hair. Each one is just as nice as the other when you come to think of it but, as can be reasonably expected, the subtle differences demand further analysis.

Natural hair extensions come from real human hair, thus, these have the most natural look. However, the naturalness comes at a higher price, often 5 times more than the synthetic kinds. Most experts agree that Indian remy hair is of the highest quality while European hair comes a close second.

The main advantage of natural hair extensions is that it can be treated in the same way as natural hair on the head, which means that it is easier to care for. It can be blow dried, curled and dyed many times over although it is not a good idea to overdo the chemical and mechanical treatments either.

And then there are the synthetic hair extensions. These are more affordable than their natural counterparts in addition to being easier to find in many hair salons. Because of their affordability, individuals who only want hair extensions for special occasions find that these are more cost-efficient.

However, the disadvantages can offset the merits of synthetic hair. These cannot be treated like natural hair - no heat, no colours - so much so that care is often difficult. Matting, tangling and knotting are also common with these hair extensions since the natural cuticles are non-existent.

Types of Hair Extensions

clip in hair extension step 1

Moving on to the attachment techniques, the hair stylist will choose from any of these methods:

* Clip-on Hair Extensions - These are very easy to attach as clipping on to natural hair is the bulk of the process. No glue, sewing and beads are involved. Thus, wearing clip-on extensions are best for one-time use only, not to mention that these are the most affordable in the market.

clip in hair extension step 2

* Weaved Hair Extensions - Threads are used to weave the hair extensions into the natural hair. Although this method is stronger than clip-on extensions, it is a more labour-intensive process.

* Sealed Hair Extensions - As the name implies, the hair extensions are sealed or bonded to the natural hair. This must be performed by a professional because the glue is hard to handle on your own although the results are often better than that for weaved hair extensions.

clip in hair extension step 3

It must be emphasized that the cost for each type of hair extension based on materials will vary on the method used. In general, the more labour intensive the method of attachment is for natural hair, the more expensive the bill will be.



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