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Human Hair Extensions / Combs And Brushes

Best Brushes And Combs To Use On Hair Extensions

By now, you've probably realized that a major part of having hair extensions is properly caring for them. What many people forget is that once the hair is pulled out of the hair extensions, it is gone forever. It cannot grow back, and the only way to have thicker hair is to purchase new extensions. While some people don't mind purchasing numerous sets of extensions, many people would rather not spend the extra money and instead just to buy one quality set of extensions that will last the test of time. Hair Extensions Australia is a great option for durable high quality extensions. If you want to avoid ruining your hair extensions, here are a few things to keep in mind.

                  Wide Tooth Combs

Wide Tooth CombA wide tooth comb is an essential part of caring for your hair extensions because with this type of comb, you will be less likely to pull hair out of your extensions. In order to prevent unnecessary tangles, make sure that you regularly condition your extensions every time you wash them.


                 Clip In Hair Extensions - Loop Bristle Brushes

Loop Bristle BrushThe best kind of brush to use a brush with loop bristles. This type of brush can easily be found in a hair supply shop. These types of brushes are not very expensive, and they are a great investment to preserve the life of your extensions. A loop brush will help you to be more careful when you brush your hair, and will save you money in the long run.

                  Brushes to Avoid

Brushes To AvoidYou want to avoid the plastic brushes that have the little balls on the end of each bristle because when those balls catch on your extensions, they will pull out hair and cause damage. Many times people think they are improving the look of their extensions with frequent brushing, but they are actually causing more damage.

Even if you have the best combs and brushes, your extensions can still become tangled and be hard to handle. However, in addition to proper conditioning, detanglers can assist you in maintaining your extensions. You want to find a detangler that is light enough to use on a daily basis, and one that has moisturizing ingredients. When you look at the ingredient list, try to avoid products that contain high amounts of alcohol because alcohol in hair products will inevitably dry out your hair extensions.


Human Hair Extensions - Brushing Techniques

Brushing Hair ExtensionsA key to properly combing and brushing your hair extensions is to develop a proper brushing technique. When your extensions are wet, spray them with your leave-in detangler, and use your wide tooth comb to comb through the tangles. Starting at the bottom of your hair, work your way toward the top of the extensions. It is important to be patient when you are combing through your extensions, it is important to be patient because when you get in a rush, it is likely that you will pull excess hair out of your extensions.


Human Hair Extensions - Drying Techniques

Drying Hair ExtensionsAnother way to maintain the thickness of your hair extensions is to avoid drying them with a hair dryer. The blowing of the hair dryer can cause more tangles, and will make the extensions difficult to comb detangle. Every time you wash your extensions, try to lay them out on a towel to dry, and you will be pleased with how healthy they look.



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