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Human Hair Extensions Frequntly Asked Questions

1. What Are Hair Extensions?

Essentially, hair extensions are pieces or strands of human or synthetic hair that can be attached to ones own hair to add more body, length and colour. Hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, styles and colours and can be attached quickly and easily. Of all the hair extensions products available on the marketplace Clip-In Hair Extensions are by far the easiest to attach and can be done in a

2. Things To Look For When Buying Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions by far are the best choice when considering which hair extensions to buy. Remy hair extensions are collected in such a way as to ensure all of the hair cuticles are arranged in the same direction just as they would in normal hair. Such uniformity results in fewer tangles and knots, allowing the hair to remain in pristine state for much longer periods of time.

3. How Does Human Hair Differ From Synthetic Extensions?

As the name suggests, human hair extensions are comprised of real human hair. Being akin to human hair, this style of hair extensions can be coloured, styled, heated, curled, washed and treated just as you would natural hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair fails to retain oil and moisture within the hair follicles as well as natural hair, making it much more prone to damage from the sun, curling and hair dryers. In addition, synthetic hair has a much shorter lifespan then natural hair and is often difficult to blend with ones own hair.

4. Should I Bother Buying Cheap Hair Extensions

By and large the greater the hair quality- the higher the price! Synthetic or non-remy human hair is cheaper, but the hair is not as durable, smooth and does not have the ability to blend in with natural hair as well as remy human hair extensions.

The remy hair extensions sold within this site are have been sourced from a family owned and operated business that strives to provide the highest quality hair extensions at the most affordable prices. Having no middle men, you are ensured great prices well below many competing sites.

5. Are Your Hair Extensions Made From 100% Human Hair?

Yes. The hair extensions we offer are made from the highest quality remy human hair, so excellent quality is ensured. Durability, a silky smooth texture and lustrous full bodied locks are what you can come to expect when incorporating our remy hair extensions into your look. When applied our hair extensions are soft to touch and completely blend in with your own hair- so no one will ever know your secret.

6. Can Anybody Wear Hair Extensions?

Anybody can incorporate hair extensions into their look, whether male or female, young or old. Our Remy Human Hair Extensions give everybody the freedom to try any number of hair styles without having to wait for months for their own hair having to grow.

Clip in hair extensions are a great option for women or men who want to try out a new look, or simply add some more body to their hair, for a night out or a special occasion. Clip in hair extensions can be quickly and easily applied and can be done in the comfort of ones own home.

7. When Should Hair Extensions Be Worn?

Hair extensions can be and should be worn whenever the mood strikes. The extra body and bounce hair extensions provide one with the confidence and ability to try out any number of hair extensions

They can be worn for a night out with the girls, on a date with that special someone, on a business function, or simply used on a day to day basis to add extra fullness and vibrancy to your look.

8. How Are Hair Extensions Put In?

Depending upon your level of skill, our hair extensions can be put in the comfort of your own home, but for best results go to a hair salon. There are several ways in which to attach hair extensions to your head depending upon which type of hair extension product is used.

WEAVING – A cornrow or track is created around head and as close to the scalp as possible. The hair extensions is then sewn into the tracks to adhere them to your hair.

BONDING – This process uses a bonding glue which is applied to the weft section of the hair, which is then pressed into place at the roots of your hair near your scalp.

STRAND BY STRAND FUSION – A glue gun is used into which heated adhesive sticks are used to place the small section of hair into position at the roots of your hair. This process is rather time consuming and should be done within a salon setting.

CLIP IN’S – tiny snap on clips are sewn into the hair extensions allowing the hair to be quickly and easily placed into position and attached. This is by far the easiest and fastest method in which to attach hair extensions and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

9. What Is The Lifespan Of My Hair Extensions?

Our hair extensions generally last from several months up to a 3 years, if the hair is given the appropriate level of care. In today’s fast pace of life and climatic conditions, one can expect the hair extensions to remain in great condition for around three months. The hair extensions may need to be periodically tightened and adjusted depending upon the growth pattern of the hair, and if skin weft hair extensions, fusion or micro loop hair extensions are used.

10. Can Hair Extensions Be Coloured?

Absolutely! Just as is the case with normal hair, human hair extensions can be coloured and foiled just as you would with your own hair. We recommend a semi permanent hair colour as it is considerably gentler on the hair and results in more durability. If you are considering colouring the hair extensions it is advisable to use a lighter shade of hair extensions if you are wanting to go darker, as opposed to getting a darker set and going a few shades lighter. This results in much better results and leads to less damage.

11. Can Hair Extensions Be Straightened?

Yes. One can straighten, curl, blow dry and style our remy hair extensions as quickly and easily as you would normally do your own hair. Be sure to apply a good quality leave in conditioner prior to exposing the hair extensions to excessive heat.

12. Can I Swim With The Hair Extensions In?

Yes. You can wear the remy hair extensions in the shower, whilst swimming, dancing, exercising and all the common activities that you would normally do on a day to day basis. However, we advise doing so sparingly in chlorine pools especially to avoid damage to the hair extensions.

13. What Kind Of Products Can Be Used In Hair Extensions?

Good quality moisturising products and creams are highly beneficial to keep the hair extensions strong and hydrated. Serums that provide some heat protection and leave in conditioner products are also extremely advantageous. Hair spray and gels can be used just like in regular hair, providing you wash the hair with the same kind frequency in which you normally wash your own hair.

14. How Long Should My Hair Be To Use Hair Extensions?

Generally hair should be at a length of 6 inches before applying hair extensions. However, hair as short as 3 inches in length can have hair extensions applied with a little extra work. Wigs are also a great possibility if hair length is a concern.

15. How Long Does Postage Usually Take?

Australian orders can be sent via either regular free post, which usually takes 4-5 business days to arrive, or via our express post option, which takes 1-2 business days to arrive. International deliveries usually take approximately 10-14 days for delivery.

16. What Sort Of Payment Do We Accept?

Hair Extensions Australia accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal.

17. What Is your Refund & Exchange Policy?

We are so confident that you’ll fall in love with our highly affordable and superior range of hair extension products that we offer a trouble free money back guarantee. If the colour is not to your liking or you wish to return the hair extensions please ensure that the hair extensions are unopened and in their original packaging. Email us for details regarding this..

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