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Human Hair Extensions Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners & Human Hair Extensions

Have you been wondering if it is possible to use heat to straighten hair extensions? Many people avoid hair extensions because they worry that apply heat styling tools the extensions will ruin the hair extensions.

In the past, before human hair extensions became popular, most people had synthetic hair extensions, and did not have the privilege of straightening or curling them. However, unlike synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions are just like your real hair and can be styled in the same way without ruining them.

One of the most common ways to straighten hair extensions is with the use of flat irons. In the past, many people were skeptical about using traditional hair straighteners because they were worried that the flat iron would damage their hair.

The fact is, older flat irons caused more damage because the plates did not heat evenly, and as a result, this caused hot spots on the flat iron and caused the hair to overheat, resulting in damage. The last thing you want in a hair straightener is cool and hot spots. This makes it nearly impossible to effectively straighten your hair extensions because you won't be able to correctly regulate the temperature.

What Type of Hair Straightener Should I Use?

It is important to realize that any type of heat styling tools can cause damage when they are not used properly. However, when these tools are used correctly, they can help you to have great results. The best flat irons are the kinds that have ceramic plates.

Ceramic plates are popular because they are intended to better protect the hair and cut down on frizz. They also heat more evenly, so you can avoid the dreaded hot spots.

The more you straighten your hair, the more susceptible it is to the enemy of every hairstyle: frizz. However, when you use a straightener that is designed to eliminate frizz, you will have much better result. Since it can be difficult to repair damage caused from heat styling tools, you don't want to damage your extensions any more than necessary.

Many flat iron have plates that infused with tourmaline, which promotes shine and prevents frizz.

If possible, you want a flat iron that has a temperature dial so you can customize the amount of heat you apply to your hair extensions. For example, if you have naturally curly hair, you will probably want to flat iron your hair at a higher heat, however, when you straighten your extension, you will use a lower heat. It is important to find the balance of the correct temperature so your can avoid damaging your hair extensions.

Straightening Tips

When you straighten your hair extensions, you should do your best to be as gentle with them as possible.

Prior to straightening your extensions, make sure you comb through them to remove tangles.

When your extensions are overly tangled, it will be difficult to make them appear smooth and straight.

Before you apply heat to them, applying a heat protector will help to prevent damage, and it will give your extensions a healthy sheen.

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