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Human Hair Extensions Prices

Human Hair Extensions - Why are they more Expensive than other types of Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions vary in prices depending what you want. You can find the human hair extensions that you can buy that are the clip-in or you can have them weaved in your hair at a professional solon. Cheap hair extensions typically run about $100 for each piece and to have it professionally weaved can be as much as $1500 depending how much hair weaving you need. The reason they are so much more expensive is the extensions are made from donated human hair, which looks more natural when combined with your hair than synthetic hair.

Human Hair Prices

Synthetic hair extensions, while used by many women are typically not preferred over human hair extensions. On the other hand, many of the synthetic hair extensions have come a long way in that it looks and feel much more like hair than it did many years ago. In addition, many women do not want to spend the money on human hair extensions especially if they do not plan to wear it for very long. Therefore, if you are on a budget, try to find synthetic extensions that look as real and natural as possible.

Many women start with synthetic extensions in the clip-in style to see if it will make a difference. Once they see how the additional instance length and volume improves their look, then they move up to the human hair extensions. If you are on a budget, but still want the human hair extensions, go with the clip-in style because they are going to be much cheaper than having a semi-permanent extension that is done at your hairstylist.

Remember, you need to part your hair across your head and use a clip to keep your hair up, while you apply the clip-in pieces of extensions, than you unclip the hair you have on your head and allow it to fall over the clip-in extension, which hides the clips. Using a flat iron will help to blend your hair with the extension and make your hair more natural looking. After all, the idea of having any kind of hair extensions is making sure it is completely natural; you do not want someone to look at you and know instantly that you have hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are more expensive because it takes more effort and work to collect the donated hair and it is in such a high demand that it is hard for manufacturers to keep up. Therefore, anything that is more natural looking and is in more demand is always going to be more expensive than other types. Keep in mind that it helps to shop around for the best quality and most affordable human hair extensions, especially the clip-ins.

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