Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions At Remarkable Prices

Human Hair extensions are an affordable way in which to add striking length and volume to your hair. Our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair and are tied and arranged in such a manner as to prevent any tangles, stripping or damage to the hair.

Our hair extensions come to you in a vibrant and healthy state and being remy hair extensions the hair cuticles are arranged in the same direction and this results in the roots and the ends of the extensions facing the same direction- just as it would with natural hair.

Our hair extensions are remy quality hair extensions, which means that the hair is collected from hair donors that have never had their hair either coloured or had a permanent wave put through it. Why wait for months for your own hair to grow back when you can have the hair length and style you want today!


Hair Extensions - Revitalize Your Hair Today

Human Hair Extensions ModelHair extensions and feather hair extensions are increasingly becoming the best way in which to revitalize your hair into any number of styles you have always wanted to try, but have never been able to pull off.

Hair extensions can be put in quickly and easily, giving you the freedom to experiment with a broad range of colours, styles and hair legths in the comfit of your own home. Just think, in mere minutes you could tranform your short hair style into a full bodied head of hair for a fun night out with the girls, or for that special someone.

Short haired people can have the best of both worlds, having the option of short hair one day and long hair the next. Whilst those who have long hair already can add extra body and bounce or further depth to their hair with our wide variety of hair extension colours.

Unlike many other hair extensions available on market today, we have no middle men and as such all the savings can be passed onto you!

In addition, for a limited time we are offering a FREE RAT TOOTHED COMB and several HAIR CLIPS to provide you with everything you need to put in your extensions today.



Transform Your Look Today

Thick, flowing hair extensions are the solution to reinventing yourself.


Our extensions clip in with effortless ease, taking away the need for hundreds of dollars to be spent in expensive hair salons. Our hair extensions are soft, resilient and easy to manage. Applying our extensions can be achieved within the space of 10 minutes, requiring only a few simple guidelines to be followed.

By equipping yourself with hair extensions you can create hair styles for any occasion swiftly and easily. The transformation that results will fill you with confidence and poise, knowing that your hair is elegant, thick and brimming with body and bounce.


Remy Hair Extensions Explained

Hair Extensions Colour Ring

Remy hair extensions have taken the lead in the hair extension industry in recent years as the demand for high quality hair products has increased - and rightly so. Gone are the days where hair extensions felt and looked different from your own natural hair. Remy hair has changed all of that!

Nowadays, hair extensions have enabled your own hair and the extensions to blend perfectly with one another to create a harmony between the two. So no one need know your little secret.

All of our hair follicles are harvested and then arranged in the exact direction, from follicle to tip, as is found in natural hair.

By having the hair extensions arranged in this fashion, oil absorption and distribution, hair thickness and texture, and most importantly how the hair falls is the same as your own hair. This creates a seemless transition between the hair extensions and your own hair.


The Advantages of Human Hair

Hair extensions are all the rage from the red carpet of the stars to the streets of the fashionistas. Well, this should come as no surprise as extensions are the easiest and fastest way to change hairstyles from one month to the next, if you so desire. Or even from one occasion to the next in the space of 24 hours, for that matter.

And so the question is: Human hair or synthetic hair? Both have their merits and demerits depending on the cost, longevity and hair quality. So, read on and be informed of your choices.


Human Hair – Associated Costs

In general, real hair cost more than synthetic hair with the latter costing approximately one-fifth the latter. This can be attributed to the fact that hair extensions are more difficult to collect than it is to manufacture synthetic hair. Now, if you are looking at virgin remy hair, then be prepared to pay more for the highest quality extensions available in the market today.

So, how exactly does price come into play in choosing? If you want to keep your hair extensions for months on end, then it makes sense to go for the human hair. However, if you require extensions for just one particular event, then going for the synthetic hair is the better option.


Human Hair – Shelf Life

As can be expected, human hair lasts longer than their synthetic counterparts for obvious reasons. For one thing, hair extensions and human wigs can be treated like any other hair in terms of washing, coloring and styling, juts as you would with your natural hair albeit in a gentler manner. Now, contrast that with synthetic hair where you basically take a hands-off approach especially where heat and chemicals are concerned.

For another thing, our extensions are made from real human protein filaments. Thus, you are assured that it will last like real hair does, which is in contrast with synthetic hair that can easily break, tangle and knot.


Human Hair Means Quality Is Assured

Of course, the hallmark of good hair extensions is their quality in terms of looking, feeling and even smelling as natural as can be. At this point, human hair will emerge the winner because it is natural hair from top to bottom down to its last cuticle, pure and simple. As previously mentioned, human hair can be treated like normal hair. You can shampoo and condition, styles and blow dry, straighten and curl as well as colour and highlight your extensions without fear of damaging the strands.

Synthetic hair are not suitable for most of these additional treatments, save for washing and brushing them. Plus, your extensions look as natural as your hair, to boot. People will not gossip behind your back that your extensions stick out like a sore thumb.

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