Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro Loop Hair Extensions - What are they and how do they compare to other hair extensions?

When you want to have extensions in your hair but want more than the clip-in type, the microloop hair extensions are your best option. Whether you want to add length or volume to your hair the micro-loop is a Micro Loop Hair Extensionssafer semi-permanent solution for hair extensions. They are applied via a synthetic or human hair via very small plastic loops, which pulls your own hair through the ring and then tightened to the roots. They are not only easier to apply, but they are easier to remove than fusion or weaving, but they do not work very well if you have baby fine hair.

Microloop extensions can be applied in a solon, which saves the stylist time, does not create as much hair stress, and it is held in place by a very small micro-link. It is light as a feather to wear and most women forget it is even there, whereas with the clip-in style of extensions, you can always feel them. In addition, the micro-loops are reusable and can be adjusted if they begin to get loose. There is no glue that has to be heated and applied, which can damage the hair and make it difficult to remove.

The micro-link hair extensions are the latest way to add semi-permanent hair extensions without the use of weaving or hot glue. This is an excellent choice over previous types of extensions because as long as you have medium to thick hair, it is less damaging to your hair. Once it is in, you can wash your hair, blow dry it, and style it as if it were your own hair. The links can be adjusted and tightened should they begin to come loose. The links are comfortable and non-detectable, so overall it is a great new way to get extensions.

A Seemless Natural Look With MicroLoop Extensions

The extensions hair micro-loop is very natural looking especially if you have thicker hair and cannot be detected with the naked eye. On the other hand, if your hair is very short to begin with, the rings or links can be seen, so it is not necessarily the best choice for those with shorter hair. In addition, the micro-loop is not a good option for people who have hair that easily breaks. Moreover, if you are just wanting the extensions for one night, then the clip-ins would be the easiest way to quickly add length and body.

Micro Hair Extensions - Application Process

The link part when your hair is pulled through is closed shut, so that the human hair or synthetic extension is firmly attached to your own hair. You can perform the micro-loop yourself, but it does take a little getting used to, so you probably will want someone to show you how it is done correctly before you attempt such an undertaking. If you do it wrong, not only will it not look too good, but also you could end up pulling some of your own hair out. Tipped hair extensions can also be used for a much more permanent feel, but the application process is a little different.

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