Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Benefits Of Using Micro Bead Hair Extensions

If you're like most women, when you don't have to worry about your hair, you feel more confident and ready to take on the world. It can be frustrating when you feel that you hair is not up to par, but there is a simple way to ensure that your hair always looks great. There are many different types of extensions on the market, but microMicro bead hair extensions bead extensions are a low maintenance way to join in on the extensions trend. Micro loop hair extensions allow you to have great looking hair even if your hair isn't super thick or super long. These extensions allow you to add length and thickness to your hair, and as a result, you get a confidence boost.

Have you always wanted to try hair extensions, but you are worried that your hair will not be able to recover the damage that the glue causes? While not all glue damages hair, most people would rather not take the risk because they feel uncomfortable with the concept of gluing anything to their precious hair.

While clip in and sew in hair extensions are very popular, many people who are searching for an alternative to these extensions have turned to micro bead extensions.

Unlike clip in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions are attached to your hair with little metal loops. You loop a very small section of your hair through the loop, then you tighten the loop and crimp the metal around your real hair.

Are Micro bead Extensions Safe On My Hair?

Although the metal is crimped tightly around the hair, the crimp doesn't cause damage, and the tighter the band is crimped, the longer the extensions will stay in your hair. The metal is not crimped right at the root, so you don't have to worry about it halting the growth of your hair or about your hair growing out and causing the extensions to bunch in a weird way.

As your hair grows, the extension slides down your natural hair, and for this reason, they will usually need to be tightened every 2-4 weeks, so it is important to be aware of how loose they are getting. Micro bead extensions should usually be replaced about every 3-4 months; however, it is important to treat your extensions with care in order to preserve them.

Create Highlights & Lowlights With MicroBead Extensions

Microbead extensions are great for individual, natural looking highlights or lowlights without having to process your hair or worry about your roots showing. You can add as much or little color as you like while maintaining the integrity of your real hair. If you've wanted to try some more daring highlight or lowlight colors, microbead extensions are the perfect solution.

With microbead hair extensions, you control how many you add. You can add more for noticeable thickness, and if you are committed to wearing extensions while your hair grows out, add more for luxurious length and glamour. If your hair is incredibly fragile, you may want to think twice about using micro loop hair extensions because although they don't promote damage, fragile hair may be more susceptible to damage and breakage.

A great alternative for fragile hair would be clip in hair extensions because you can really control how much pressure you put on your hair, and you can still achieve a great result.

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