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Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions

20" Micro Loop Hair Extensions - 25 Strands Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde Remy Human hair Extensions
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Our Remy Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair, As such you can style the hair extensions with effortless ease, giving you the confidence to reinvent yourself today. Micro Loop hair extensions provide instant vibrancy, body and length to your hair and as they blend in remarkably well with your own hair, no one need know your little secret..

Buy Today And Receive:

  • Premium quality remy micro loop human hair extensions.
  • Specially made HAIR PLIERS to secure the micro loops in place.
  • FREE rat tailed comb to make teasing your hair that much easier
  • Several FREE hair clips to make application a breeze
  • Friendly and informative customer support available 7 days a week
  • Complimentary Australia wide postage and express post
    options available

These Hair Extensions Are Recommended for:

Whether you have short or long hair our clip in hair extensions can assist you in achieving added length and thickness quickly and easily. Why wait months and months for your own hair to grow back when you can have the look you desire today. Short hair one day, long and lustrous the next, create the exact look you desire with our highly affordable human hair extensions!

Bonus Tools Included With The Hair Extensions Kit
Tools needed for applying the hiar extensions.


20 Inch Micro Loop - Platinum blonde Remy Human Hair Extensions


Hair extensions being applied in stages.






Hair extensions are the easiest way in which to add striking length, body and vibrancy to your tired and drab hair do without the need to spend hundreds of dollars in expensive hair salons. Our hair extensions are of the highest quality and standard available in the marketplace today, boasting minimally processed, protein-rich hair strands including the cuticle - which ensures great quality.

The collection process we use to harvest the hair from donors is such that all the hair is arranged in the same direction-just as it would in real hair. By doing so, the hair extensions are highly resistant to tangles and matting, which in turn takes away the need for constant brushing and maintenance.

Our micro loop hair extensions are comprised of real human hair enabling them to naturally blend with your own hair – so no one need know of your little secret. The advantages of using human hair extensions over that of poor quality synthetic hair are many. Human hair extensions can be curled, flat ironed, hair dried, coloured and our user-friendly micro loop attachment design allows for a secure hold and quick application.

However, it is important to note that prior to hair drying or applying heat to the hair extensions that one makes sure that the hair extensions have been sprayed with a heat resistant agent and or leave in conditioning product to prevent the hair extension from being unduly damaged.

We supply a diversified range of high quality human hair extensions. Competitively priced and available in several colours, lengths and styles our hair extensions allow you to create the exact look you desire.







Step 1: Preparing Your Hair For The Micro Loop Remy Hair Extension
Step 1: Applying the first Remy Hair Extensions.

When applying hair extensions it is important that you have both correct symetry and spacing so as to achieve a uniform appearance and thickness throughout all of your hair.

To do so make a clean and straight horizontal part one to two inches above the nape of your neck.

Next, bundle and secure the loose hair at the top of your head with a clip to ensure that it is out of the way.



Step 2: Sectioning Off A Small Sample Of Hair
Step 2: Applying the second Remy Hair Extensions.

The next step is to select a small sample of your natural hair in which to thread through the microloop hair extension piece.

Using the provided rat-tailed comb or your fingers separate a small sample of your hair as is outlined in the picture provided.

This piece of hair will act as a anchor in which to hold the hair extension piece in place.

Step 3: Applying the First 20 Inch Micro Loop Remy Hair Extension
Step 3: Applying the third Remy Hair Extensions.

The next step in the process is to thread this section of your own hair through the microloop hair extension piece.

Using either your fingers or the provided rat tailed comb, thread your natural hair through the hair extension loop by holding the microloop piece with one hand and your own hair with the other.

Think of it as threading a piece of string through a needle.







Step 4: Threading your hair through the Micro Bead
Step 4: Applying the fourth Remy Hair Extensions.

Next, pull the tab at the end of the extensions and thread your own hair through the micro bead.







Step 5: Positioning the Micro Bead into the correct location
Step 4: Applying the fourth Remy Hair Extensions.

The next step is to position the bead into the correct position on your head.

To do so, slide the bead so it sits 1cm away from your scalp at the root of your hair.

This distance will enable the microloop hair extensions to be easily hidden underneath your own natural hair once the application process has been finished.







Step 6: Securing the Micro Bead firmly into place
Step 4: Applying the fourth Remy Hair Extensions.

Using the pliers provided firmly clamp down on the micro bead to secure the extension in position.

Ensure that that you apply enough pressure so that the microloop hair extension is firmly secured.

If you do not the microloop piece may fall out upon brushing or combing your hair.







Step 7: Bringing it all together
Step 5: Applying the fifth Remy Hair Extensions.

Apply 7-10 micro loops per row by using the provided steps. Release the previously clipped hair above and repeat steps 1-6.

Gently comb or brush your hair from root to tip to blend the hair extensions in. Ensure that you do not comb above the attached micro loop.

Style as desired.









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