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Drying, Curling And Straightening Your Remi Hair Extensions

A common question people have when they are considering getting hair extensions is; "Can they be styled like my real hair?" The good news is, yes, the hair extensions from Hair Extensions Australia can be safely dried, curled and straightened. Human hair extensions are surprisingly durable and less likely to be damaged from heat than synthetic fibers. However, you do have to be careful not to apply too much heat to your extensions because it will inevitably cause extra damage. First things first, for best results, you should not apply heat to synthetic hair extensions.

However, there are some high quality synthetic hair extensions that can be styled with heat. But before you get carried away with curling and flat ironing these types of hair extensions, be sure to test the heat on the hair extensions before you apply heat to them. For best heat styling results, you should purchase human hair extensions and you will most likely be much happier with the results.

Once you wash your hair extensions, you should spray your hair with a lightweight leave in conditioner to help detangle your extensions. The fewer tangles your hair extensions have, the less stress you will be putting on your hair extensions. It is important to remember that the more hair you pull out of your extensions, the thinner and sparser they will look. After you've sprayed your extensions with the leave in conditioner, it is a good idea to let them air dry. Not only will this help your hair extensions to maintain their shine and overall healthy look, but it will prevent undue stress from the heat of the dryer.

However, once you wash your hair, it is not always possible to give your hair enough time to air dry. When this happens, it is a good idea to dry your hair with the hair dryers set to low heat. You should also consider putting an attachment onto the head of the hair dryer in order to prevent your hair extensions from blowing around too much and becoming tangled. If your extensions are sewn into your hair or bonded to your hair, the best way to prevent damage to your hair extensions is to divide your hair into sections and blow-dry it in at least four sections.

Have you ever noticed how your hair can sometimes smell like it is actually burning when you are styling it with a curling iron or flat iron?

This is usually because your hair is being exposed to so much heat that it is actually beginning to burn. If you allow your hair extensions to burn too much, you will notice that your hair will actually begin to smell burnt, and that can be an embarrassing smell. While a small level of burning is normal when you apply heat to your hair extensions, too much heat can cause your hair extensions to become damaged.

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