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Remy Hair Extensions Manufacturing Process

Remy Hair Extensions - Collection and Manufacturing Process

Remi hair extensions or what is also called Remy is one of the most natural types of extensions you can buy because it looks and feels healthy and manageable. First, Remi is human hair, and is often from India women and still has the cuticles intact, but unlike other types of human hair, it does not go through the typical chemical processing. Many people assume that Remi hair is virgin hair, or that which has never been processed, but this is not necessarily true since when it is on the donors head is may have been treated, but one it is donated, it is not treated, which can then fall into the category of virgin hair.

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Collection Process of Non-Remy Hair

The collection of Remy hair it is carefully done to ensure that the cuticles are not only intact but that they are all aligned in the same direction. The process is what gives Remi hair extensions the ability to last up to a year on the wearer as opposed to two months for typical human hair extensions. During the process of donating typical human hair, it is stripped off and then goes into a pile with other hair and then these go through chemical processing, which can cause the cuticles of the hair to not be aligned in the same direction, which means easily tangling can follow. Therefore, the cuticles on most donor hair are completely stripped off to prevent tangling, but once the extensions are washed a few times, they begin to lose their luster.

How Is Remy Hair Collected?

Remy hair from Hair Extensions Australia on the other hand, keeps all the donor cuticles in the same direction so that is can be washed and worn up to four times longer than other types of collected human hair. There are different types of remy hair depending on how it is collection. For instance, there is single remy hair, which means it was taken from a single donor, but may have different lengths, such as layers. However, there is also the double-drawn, meaning it has been sorted and is all the same length, it takes a great deal of time for someone to go through and make sure the hair is the same length and therefore, the double-drawn is typically the most expensive remy hair extensions.

Advantages Of using Remy Hair Extensions

The collection and processing of remy hair is very different than other types of human hair. Of course, because it is more time consuming, remy hair extensions cost more than any other kind of real hair extensions, but they also last longer. Therefore, if you plan to wear hair extensions for an extended period of time, nothing comes close to the quality and beauty of the remy hair extensions. They look more natural and remain look natural for many months after they are applied.

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