Remy Hair Extensions


Remy Hair Extensions - What Are They?

If you are new to the world of hair extensions, you will come across the term "remy". No, this is not the name of a famous hair stylist. Rather, this is the name given to the method used in the collection of the hair from the donor and its subsequent applications as hair extensions.

Remy Collection Methods?

Remy Hir Extensions

Also spelled as remi, these types of hair extensions is usually cut straight from the donor's hair tied in a ponytail. The term is synonymous with virgin Indian hair precisely because most remy extensions are made from imported Indian hair.

It must be emphasized, however, that remy hair is not virgin hair at all times although virgin hair is always remy.

Contrary to popular notion, remy hair are not straight at all times. You will find them ranging from the nearly straight to the bushy curls and everything else in between. The common feature is that Indian hair is usually finer than Asian and European hair, thus, their desirability in the market.

Hair Extensions Australia stock a large range of remy human hair extensions in all the most popular colours, styles & lengths. Express post is available for Australian customers and to make application of our remy hair quick & easy we include a free rat tailed comb and several hair clips.

If you are unsure of which colour to purchase please feel free to use our Contact Us page for colour matching advice and 24/7 customer support - our friendly customer service team will assist you in any way they can.


Hair Benefits

Red Human Hair ExtensionsWhat makes our extensions so desirable, so beautiful and more expensive than other types? Well, remy extensions are of a much higher quality due to the fact that all its cuticles are aligned in one direction - downward, upturned and in their natural order.

Because of such organized placement, remy hair lasts longer than any type of hair extensions available today. Plus, it will not get tangled and bundled up so easily, a desirable quality even in natural hair.

Now, contrast that with non-remy hair. Usually, the raw materials are collected in swept bundles regardless of textures and colours. The resulting hair extensions easily knot and tangle because the cuticles are not as aligned as natural hair should be.

Single and Double Drawn

These terms refer to the length of the hair extensions. Single drawn means that hair is left as it was when first cut from the ponytail and, thus, will have different lengths. In fact, all hair extensions start out as single drawn hair.

Now, when the single drawn hair is trimmed to ensure uniform lengths, it becomes double drawn. Thus, you will see remy hair labelled as ¾ drawn or .75 drawn. Trimming the single drawn hair is made to achieve a thicker appearance to the remy hair extensions.

Remy Alteration Process

Styling ToolsAside from the trimming, remy hair can also be processed from its virgin state. This time, brand names are attached to the hair extensions instead of its generalized term. Usually, the extensions are straightened or curled as well as coloured or highlighted depending on the current hair trend. Thus, there was a time when barrel curls were more popular than Yaki curls and vice versa.

Such versatility in colours and textures make for countless styles with remy extensions. One moment you can channel Marilyn Monroe and the next moment you have Morticia Addams for an inspiration.

The important thing with choosing hair extensions is that you should look for unidirectional cuticles, the hallmark of the real deal. And of course, you should look for soft and shiny extensions that will complement your natural hair.

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