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Remy Hair

The Difference between Single and Double Drawn Remy Hair and What Virginal Hair Means

In the hair industry, remy hair and virginal hair are the highest quality hair extensions available today. Men and women around australia have come to love the extensions from Hair Extensions-Australia because of their natural look, feel and even smell, never mind that these hair extensions are the most expensive in the industry. Then again, the benefits with remy hair and virginal hair are well worth their costs.

Remy Hair and Virgin Hair Defined

But first, let's define remy hair and virgin hair especially for those who are new to hair extensions. On one hand, remy hair is collected by tying the hair in a ponytail and then cutting from its base, which means that the hair cuticles are facing in one direction. As such, the hair is longer-lasting, stronger and healthier.

Indian hair is usually collected for remy hair because it easily blends in with just about any hair from all ethnicities, not to mention that it is thin but strong. Other Asian hair types are not so versatile while European hair is hard to come by.

On the other hand, virgin hair is hair that is pure, raw and unprocessed. Think of it as fresh off the head of its donor, with no chemical and mechanical treatments made on it as yet.

A distinction must be made between remy hair and virgin hair. Although virgin hair is always remy hair, it is not always possible that remy hair is virgin hair. This is because remy hair can undergo chemical and mechanical processes before it is sold as hair extensions. Think dyeing and bleaching as well as straightening and curling, among other manufacturing processes.

Remy Hair - Single and Double Drawn Hair Explained

Remy hair is further classified into two - single drawn and double drawn. The classification has nothing to do with drawing but everything to do with the length of the hair extensions.

Single drawn remy hair is virgin hair cut and gathered from the donor's ponytail or braid, as the case may be. Thus, the bunch of remy hair will naturally have uneven strands, of which the shortest hairs are drawn out one by one.

You will find single drawn remy hair ranging in length from 15 to 18 inches within the same bundle. The look is tapered and layered, which makes for easier blending into the natural hair. Keep in mind that all remy hair starts out as single drawn hair. In fact, majority of hair extensions in the market today are single drawn remy hair.

Double drawn remy hair is simply single drawn hair cut into uniform lengths. The name comes from the manufacturing process whereby the hair is double processed so that the shorter lengths are drawn out.

These are more expensive than the single drawn hair because of the time and effort required in making the hair strands almost perfectly uniform in length. For this reason, you will also find that double drawn remy hair is a rarity in the industry.

Still, when you come to think of it, the differences between the single drawn and the double drawn remy hair are nil. Besides, you can always just cut the ends of the single drawn hair with a razor to achieve a double drawn effect.

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