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Tipped Hair Extensions

What are Tipped Hair Extensions and how are they put in?

Tipped hair extensions, or what is known as pre-tipped have the tipped pre-glued to make them easier to apply because the glue is in place. This speeds up the process of putting in the extensions over the older way of having to apply the glue for each strand, which means it is faster for the beautician and faster for the client to have the extensions put in. What is even nicer about the pre-tipped extensions is they can be reused by simply cutting off the glue tip and then using a glue gun and adhesive sticks to reply them, so you can get more for your money in the end, if you reuse them.

Advantages of Using Tipped Hair Extensions

Because of the long process of gluing in hair extensions strand by strand, it made the process very time-consuming and expensive, but the pre-tipped saves time and can save money, depending who is adding them to your hair. It is the perfect solution to getting long hair that is natural looking, takes less time, and can be reused, if you so desire. Keep in mind that the longer you want your hair; the extensions will be placed further down on your own hair to give you more length. The pre-tipped hair extensions make the process much easier and less messy because the adhesive sticks do not have to be used in combination with the glue gun.

How Long Does It Take To Put In Pre Tipped Hair Extensions?

Of course, even when having the pre-tipped extensions added, you can still expect to spend two to three hours depending on the amount of extensions you want added and the experience of the hairstylist. In the past, when the adhesive sticks has to be used, there was a chance of glue clumping, but the pre-tips have taken the guesswork out making it a superior way to add in the hair extensions that are virtually unnoticeable to yourself, and other will never know the extensions are there at all.

Advances in hair extensions have made it a seamless process and what used to be something that most people could instantly tell if the hair was fake, today with the advances such as the pre-tips, there is no way to know if the hair is yours or not. Of course, this has made more women compelled to getting hair extensions.

Pre Tipped Application

The tipped or pre-tips have the glue pre-applied to the strands of the extension, and then the beautician simply placed your hair strands on the pre-tip and uses the glue presser to so that the two are seamed together. It is a super easy process and requires less effort on the hairstylist and gets you out showing off your new longer hair faster.

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