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Weft Hair Extension Attachment Techniques

Types of Weft Hair Extensions available on the Market and Various Attachment Methods

First, a hair weft is what the synthetic or human hair is attached to, it is essentially a long hair strands attached to the weft or "curtain" since many hair wefts, especially those for the back of the head to add length, looks like a curtain. Wefts typically have long sections of hair that are attached via gluing to the hair. You can find curly wefts, wavy, and straight, depending on your individual style. In addition, wefts can be make of synthetic hair or human hair and once it is attached is can be dyed, cut, or treated so that it matches your natural hair color.

Strand by Strand Method

Hair wefts can be applied to the hair in a variety of ways including the strand by strand, which takes strands of the extension and attaches is one strand at a time to sections of your hair by heat fusing, weaving, gluing, clamp it using small tubes, or by using polymers. The way you choose to have the hair weft attached is up to you, but typically, the more secure the extension is attached or newer methods are more expensive. However, they also look very natural and wear a long time, so that if you plan to wear hair extensions for extended periods, it makes sense to spend more having the weft securely attached.

Micronhet method

Moreover, one of the latest ways of having the weft attached is by threading it via a process called micronhet, which makes next to impossible for someone to detect that you have hair extensions. This method is pain-free and there is no damage done to your hair, it wears light and comfortable and it quickly becoming a highly popular way to add the extension to ultra-fine hair around the temples and forehead.

Hand made Wefts

The weft can be made by a machine or by hand, but like with everything the handmade wefts are better than the machine made. Handmade wefts are custom made, so that they match the color of your hair and can then be applied to your hair using the track method, which attaches it all at once rather than the strand by strand method, which is more time-consuming.

Why Weft Hair Extensions?

Cheap hair extensions are extremely popular for women looking for length and volume. They are typically easier to put in place as they attach underneath the top layers of your hair so that no one can see the weft top, which is the pieces of hair sewn together forming the "curtain-like" hair. These are typically cheaper than the latest and greatest because they have been around for some time and have been perfected. Having long hair is now possible regardless of what type of hair you have, changing your hair can boost your self-confidence.

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