Weft Hair Extensions


Weft Hair Extensions - Making Tracks

During your hair salon visits, you will hear of the term weft hair extensions and then wonder what it means. After all, you never knew of the many kinds of weft hair extensions available for the choosing by the fashionable women of the 21st century.

Simply put, a weft is a track on which the hair extensions is attached. It can be several inches in length and often described as a curtain of either artificial or human hair attached together at the top and then free-flowing at its bottom end.

Weft hair extensions can either be made by machine or by hand, with the handmade weft generally being considered the better option of the two. This is because handmade wefts are custom-made, too, particularly in relation to the shape of your head and the colour of your hair.

However, machine made weft hair extensions also has its advantages. It is more cost-efficient and more natural-looking. Just choose one that you think is best for your hair needs and you should look good either way.

Often, too, weft hair extensions attachment is much easier since these are applied using one track at a time instead of the usual method of hair strand by hair strand. In many ways, you save on time and effort to possess long, beautiful hair.

Weft Hair Extensions – Advantages

Aside from the ease of attachment, cheap hair extensions also have the advantage of giving a fuller appearance mainly because the hair extensions are attached by tracks. You will also discover that weft hair extensions make for ease of styling to suit the occasion as well as ease of maintenance.

Add in the fact that weft hair extensions also last for a long time and you have hair extensions that will feel like a part of your body instead of just being attachments. Ask your hair stylist if you are suitable for wefts or you can do your research for a DIY project on weft hair extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions – styles available

You can choose from many weft hair extensions products in the market today. The trick is in choosing which one suit your time, level of skill, budget and hair needs the most, which means that you should do your research before purchasing the weft hair extensions.

Keep in mind that this is money we are talking about as well as your crowning glory. You do not want to let anything singe your hair and pockets, do you? Well, most probably not, if you can help it. Anyways, you will find weft hair extensions that only take an hour to attach to your natural hair without doing any kind of damage to it. You also do not need special products, combs and brushes to attach the weft hair extensions and yet you will have a full head of natural-looking hair.

There are also weft hair extensions made from high quality human virgin hair. With the hair strands individually threaded to the weft on a root to end fashion, the natural cuticle direction is maintained and, hence, you end up with hair worthy of a shampoo commercial. Usually, micro links are used to effectively bond the weft hair extensions into the natural hair.

Indeed, with weft hair extensions, it is so easy to have beautiful hair. Just make sure that you use high quality skin weft hair extensions since these are often worth the money.

Remy hair extensions and feather hair extensions have taken the lead in the hair extension industry in recent years as the demand for high quality hair products has increased - and rightly so. Gone are the days where hair extensions felt and looked different from your own natural hair. Remy hair extensions has changed all of that!

Nowadays, hair extensions have enabled your own hair and the hair extensions to blend perfectly with one another to create a harmony between the two. So no one need know your little secret. All of our hair follicles are harvested and then arranged in the exact direction, from follicle to tip, as is found in natural hair. By having the hair extensions arranged in this fashion, oil absorption and distribution, hair thickness and texture, and most importantly how the hair extensions fall is the same as your own hair. This creates a seemless transition between the hair extensions and your own hair.

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