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Weft Hair

Weft Hair Colouring Tips

Have you ever been skeptical about the concept of coloring cheap hair extensions? If so, you are not alone because many people do not realize that hair extensions can actually be dyed to the perfect color that suits their fancy. While human hair extensions come in many different shades, it is not unusual for people to dye their weft hair to match their hair exactly. Being able to dye your extensions is convenient because if you've found the perfect hair extensions, but they don't match your hair color, you can easily match the extensions to your hair. This is convenient because if you usually dye your real hair, you can simply color the extensions to match.

However, for some women, dying their hair extensions is not about matching their current color. If you want custom highlights or lowlights, you can color the hair extensions to give your hair that extra dimension of glamour. Many women can't color their natural hair and get highlights because they actually have an allergic reaction once the hair color touches their scalp, so adding color with hair extensions is their only way of achieving a new hair color.

If you want to use your hair extensions for highlights, then it may be a good idea to buy a lighter color and dye them to the color you prefer so you can be sure that the color stands out the way you want it to. For example, if you want dark blonde highlights, you should consider buying a lighter color and dying them a slightly darker shade. However, with so many different color variations, you may actually be able to find a pre-dyed color that matches the exact color you want.

It is best to try to match your hair extensions as closely as possible because when your extensions come pre-dyed, they will hold their color better, however, instead of colouring human hair extensions with semi-permanent hair color, you should dye it with permanent color because you will have less instance of the color fading as you wash it. But if you dye your real hair with a semi-permanent hair color and you want your extensions to fade with your natural hair, then you may want to color your extensions with the same semi-permanent color.

Many people mistakenly purchase synthetic hair extensions and attempt to color them, however because of their chemical makeup, these synthetic fibers usually cannot be dyed. If you want to purchase high quality synthetic hair extensions, just be sure that you are choosing a color you love. If you plan are using extensions to add lots of brightly colored highlights to your hair, then it may be a good idea to purchase synthetic hair extensions because they will hold their vibrant colors longer with less chance of fading.

Keep in mind that even if you are dying your hair extensions or skin weft hair extensions a darker color as opposed to bleaching them, the hair color will still put unnecessary stress on your hair extensions. This type of chemical processing prevents them from lasting as long as they would if they weren't processed. Many times, it can be a good idea to do apply clear shine treatment to your hair extensions after they're dyed so they can maintain their healthy sheen.

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